Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Face Down on an Herbal (#2 in the Lady Appleton series)

by Kathy Lynn Emerson (read Apr 2006)
Susan Appleton is an intelligent and independent women who has published an herbal. Because of this in 1561 Queen Elizabeth commands Susanna to help Lady Madderly write her own herbal. Susanna's husband's half -sister Catherine joins her to Madderly Castle where they find out that Lord Glenelg, a Scottish nobleman, who was visiting Lord Madderly's castle, was murder in the library. A few weeks later, Lady Madderly is murdered. Sir Robert Appleton arrives from Scotland where he has been engaged on a diplomatic mission for the queen. He informs Susanna that there is suspicion of forgery and treason connected with Madderly castle. He has to journey back to Scotland to gather information, while Susanna is left to solve the murders.

Susanna and Robert have an arranged marriage which is not unusual for the time period. He resent her intelligence and resourcefulness and she prefers him to be away from home. Robert also has a great resentment towards Catherine, who could cause problems for his reputation at court.

Would I recommend this series -- At this point I definitely would. I'm really enjoying it. The first book in the series is Face Down Upon the Marrow Bone Pie.