Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Darkness Peering

by Alice Blanchard (Listened to May 2006)
A 6-7 hour trip to Cedar City seemed like a good time to listen to a book on tape. Since my mother and daughter, Alyson, would be riding with me, I knew I had to allow lots of time for visiting in addition to listening time. That ruled out the 10-hour audio of Memoirs of a Geisha, which was my first choice. I made a long list from books that have been recommended to me and a list of my favorite authors, then headed to the library. Needless to say, our library, which is fabulous for a rural community, didn't have the ones I was looking for. After skimming the shelves, I checked out Darkness Peering.

It was not the best choice I could have made. First of all, there were lots of expletives (swear words), which I don't like to hear when I'm alone, but listening to them with my mom and daughter made them even more unpalpable. Secondly, the first half of the book was boring.

Murders that occur eighteen years apart in a small Maine town both point to Rachel's brother, Billy. The first murder of a mentally retarded girl, was investigated by Billy's father who committed suicided during the investigation. The murder was never solved. Rachel becomes a police detective and decides to reopen the case. Shortly after a new and horrible murder occurs. This is when the book became interesting.

My recommendation: don't bother. There are other mysteries that aren't so objectionable.